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"The EL84 tube. Small and boring, that is what the high end audio dealers want you to think. They aren't large like 300B's or 2A3's, they don't look cool like some of the high end mesh plates and they sure as hell aren't exotic. So I was somewhat suprised to read the development through 6moons that Srajan had commisioned an all out statement amplifier utilizing a tube the size of an adults little finger. However, I could relate with the motivation behind it. For me, quality EL84 amps always had a musical beauty that was difficult to pin down.

As soon as the opportunity arose I placed an order. Even though I had read the 6moons review numerous times I was unprepared for the new arrival. I own numerous Trafomatic amps so I was used to the high level of fit and finish. This isn't what caught me out. It was the music. What I found had changed was a leap forward in design development and refinement in sound. This refinement has shown an intensity in tone that I didn't know existed in many recordings. This intensity isn't just in a small pocket of band width, but rather over the whole spectrum of musical reproduction. It isn't overblown, agressive or hot. It is rather an undercurrent that catches people out and can make grown men cry.

A perfect example of this would be in Dave Brubecks very famous masterpeice album Time Out and in particular the track Take Five. I always understood it to be good, however in ways it never really caught me. And then the Kaivalya's arrived. Everything was still there but something subtle was bubbling up that grabbed me. There was an intensity that I had never heard before. I could feel a subtle intensity rising up within the dynamics of the music. It has become apparent to me that the Dave Brubeck Quartet were masters of this. How else can one note build up like a rising wave any other way? With the rising up of intensity came the rising up of my heart rate and emotions. This experience has been occuring with many genres of music for over 6 months now and shows absolutely no sign of abating.

If someone was to ask me to write in one line what I think of the Kaivalya amplifiers it would be this: Dynamic, articulate, true, uncoloured, intense, exceptionally balanced and built to the highest standard of craftmanship. Until people hear these amps for themselves these words will not prepare them for what is to come. Sasa Cokic has built an amplifer that could possibly be his Magnum Opus. I hope he keeps growing as a designer and developer but this will be one very big act to follow.

I feel that I am witnessing a major developmental change, not only in high quality tube amps but within Trafomatic themselves. A shifting of the sands that sees a tube amp that really doesn't sound like a tube amp, it doesn't even sound like an amplifer, it sounds like music. What else could a music lover really ask for?"

Tony Schmidt
Audio Addiction Australia

"I just stopped listening to the Kaivalya amplifiers and here are my listening impressions so far:
- I first played for about one hour with the "Trafomatic" EL84 tubes and it sounded really very good
- Then I changed the EL84 tubes for the Pavane tubes and after about one hour the sound started opening up and it became more and more incredibly beautifull; I played some Classical pianomusic (pianoforte) and Jazz and at the end (after about 2 hours listening) it was really very amazing; the music was so real and so present in my room as I never heard before!
Mujtaba these amplifiers are really a masterpiece and the Pavane tubes are great and I am a very happy human now and enjoyed life and music in an extraordinary way this evening!"
Hans Kortenbach
Musical Affairs - Holland

"Only Rein Narma would be qualified to create this in his time...
No other amplifier I've heard can equal the Kaivalyas unique combination of
3D image rendering, fluidity,speed,naturalness and completeness.

If you're looking for for your "final" amplifier the Kaivalyas must be your first choice."

Mujtaba Hussain